Application Process

Steps to Rent  a Home

First thing to do is set up an appointment to see the house. We prefer that all applicants see it at one time to limit the number of showings for the current renters and to make sure all the prospective renters are “on board” with the new place. We have a no-cost pre-application form that needs to be filled out prior to arrival. It may also be emailed to us ahead of time. This form tells us a little bit about you. We review the pre-applications and offer applications from that data.   

Be prepared! If you come to the showing with your completed pre-application, love the house, and we’ve interviewed you,  we may invite you to submit applications and money order (too many problems with checks) for application fees and hold deposit that same day. You would then begin the application process immediately. 

There is a non-refundable $45 application fee per applicant. This will cover our credit/background check fees. We will also request $750 as a hold deposit which will go towards your security deposit. Your hold deposit takes the house off of the market and we will begin processing your application. We must have the completed applications, application fees, and hold deposit before processing the application. We ask applicants to have all renters’ applications returned to us within 2 days. 

Please make sure that your application is thoroughly filled out with accurate information, especially your housing and employment references. If we are unable to contact your references, that will affect your rental approval.

If we deny your application, your hold deposit is refunded to you. If your applications are approved but you do not sign a lease, you lose your hold deposit and the house is relisted.

After your application is approved, you have five working days to sign the lease with all renters. If a co-signer is required, each applicant must submit a signed notarized Lease Guarantor form. The form is received prior to lease signing or a deposit of $3000 will be required instead of one month’s rent. It is not until we have a mutually signed lease that the house is “yours.” 

First month’s rent and balance of security deposit is due prior to move-in.

Things we check:

Credit/Criminal Background. 

Housing References-We will contact current and former landlords to inquire of timely payments, history of damage to property, violations of lease terms.

Employment and Income- Current employers will be contacted to verify employment and income.