Questions that we are frequently asked:

Q: Can I room with my (choose one: brother, sister, stepsister, cousin, significant other) and two other unrelated roommates?

A: No, see link for Fort Collins “U plus 2” law or occupancy ordinance (See Links).

Q: Why can’t we have 4 or more unrelated occupants?

A: Because if the city of Fort Collins finds out and they frequently do, the 4th or 5th person  can be fined $1000 and given a same day eviction notice. This is not good for renters and this is not good for landlords and it is against the law.

Q: Really? Can I pleeaaase have 3 roommates?

A: No. Please see above.

Q: What do you mean “no partiers”

A: We expect the houses to be treated respectfully. Yes, you can have your friends over, but this not the house to invite the whole team over for a year end bash. Failure to comply may result in loss of lease.

Q: Why do I have to fill out a free pre-application before seeing the house?

A:  This is done as a courtesy for our current renters so that we don’t have total strangers wandering around their houses. It is also screening tool that helps us determine who will be given an application.

Q: Can I do a 10-month lease?

A: Not at Finn Rentals. However, you can find a substitute roommate (Transfer Fee is charged) to fill your spot on the lease as long as they go through the application process and abide by lease terms. If you are unable to find someone to fill your spot, you are responsible for remainder of the lease.

Q: If we turn in a hold deposit of $750 but don’t sign the lease can we get our money back?

A: Sorry that hold deposit is nonrefundable if you are accepted and don’t sign the lease. If for some reason during the application process you are declined, you will be refunded your $750.

Q: Can I have a dog or cat?

A: Yes. Pet rent for cats is $25/mo  per cat maximum of 2 and dogs $40/mo per dog (some breeds are excluded). This is NOT a deposit. You do not get this back. If they do damage to the house, repair and labor costs will be deducted from your deposit.

Q: I am a student and I don’t have a credit rating. Can I still rent from you?

A: Yes. You can provide either a parent/guardian guarantor form or provide an additional deposit.

Q: What can increase my chances to rent a property from Finn Rentals, LLC.

A: We prefer that all roommates present at showing with immediate access to application fees and earnest money funds, and that the sample lease agreement has been reviewed.

Q: Is this an owner managed property?

A: Yes, Finn Rentals is owner operated. We take pride in our homes and strive to provide quality homes for quality renters. We don’t rent anything we wouldn’t live in ourselves. This means when you call or write with an issue, you are communicating with the person who will address the problem.

Q: How do I know we will be treated fairly as renters?

A: Finn Rentals abides by Fort Collins Renter Bill of Rights (See Important Links). Beyond that it is our personal ethic to treat others as we would want to be treated.

Q: If I have bad credit or criminal record, can I rent from you?

A: Renters who have good credit and clear background checks take precedence.