Welcome to Finn Rentals

Welcome to Finn Rentals, LLC. Our motto is “Quality Homes for Quality Renters” and we back that up by providing only homes we would be willing to live in ourselves. We are an owner-managed company. Our ethic involves treating renters with respect, dignity and personal attention; in return we expect that renters care for the homes and meet their obligations. Pretty simple.

Please note that we DO abide by Fort Collins Occupancy laws (a.k.a. “u plus two” or “three unrelated”). We didn’t make the law, and despite the fact that we could make more rent by breaking it… we won’t. Please don’t ask us to. 

To meet our goal of keeping quality homes quality, these are not “party houses.” Smoking (includes marijuana) is not allowed in any of the homes. Yes, you can find a place with a roof for less where the manager doesn’t care what happens to the house — but then, you live in a house where the manager doesn’t care much about the house. That’s not us. We’re confident that our homes provide an excellent value because of the combination of the house’s quality, our personal attention, and the renters themselves. 

Look around the site, see our FAQs, and Showings for available houses. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call! 970-978-6937. Email finnrentals@gmail.com